[GSoC 2016: Social API] Week 9: Social Post implementer - Part II

Submitted by gvso on Wed, 07/27/2016 - 08:13

With this week over, we are getting closer to GSoC final evaluations. Therefore, we keep working hard to develop the Social API project even further. This week, I focused on Social Post Twitter as I mentioned in my last weekly summary. This module works as an implementer of Social Post.


During this week, I made social_post_twitter_user entity be able to store new users and their access_token and access_token_secret. To store this data, users with the right (drupal) permission, can authorize the Twitter app (associated with the Drupal site) to create tokens to post on their behalf.

These are screenshots of the module:

Settings Form
Social Post Twitter Settings Form

The settings form allow site builders to add information about their Twitter App. Twitter requires only a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret.


Option to add a twitter account
Option to add accounts in user edit form.

Once the Twitter app information is added, site builders can grant the permission "Perform Twitter autoposting" to a role (e.g. an editor role). The users with the specific role will be able to add as many accounts as they like.


Twitter User entity list
social_post_twitter_user entity list.

Users with right permissions can access to a full list of users who have associated their Twitter accounts to their Drupal user. Thus, allowing the site to tweet on their behalf.


We have worked on the authorization layer and user data storage so far. However, there are many variables of how this module could be used. For instance: what about anonymous users, can we ask for permissions to tweet on their behalf? In what situations the site would tweet for the users? What about general Twitter accounts for a company at which many users can access?

I believe these questions would be discussed in our following weekly meeting on Wednesday, July 27 at CEST 3:00 pm. So, join us if you have ideas to contribute with!.

Next week

As I have mentioned, there are many questions regarding functionality. Hence, I would have a clearer idea of what to work on for next week after the meeting with my mentors. What I can assure is that for my next weekly summary, social_post_twitter will provide functionality to tweet on behalf of a user.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any question. You can also collaborate with the Social Initiative projects (social_apisocial_authsocial_post, and social_widgets). We also have our weekly meetings, so follow the Social Initiative and join us on Wednesdays.

Stay tuned for the next weekly summary!