Google Code-In 2016 Wrap-up with Drupal

Submitted by gvso on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 20:11

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Back again, Drupal proudly participated as a mentoring organization in Google Code-In 2016-17, a global and online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source. Our community fully supports any initiative introducing young minds to the open source development. We want to thank to all our students from all over the world who completed over 200 tasks for our community.

Issues were tested, bugs resolved, and many blogs with screencasts documenting popular functionality were created. Most importantly, we found new contributors for our open source project. Below is a short list of our Grand Prize Winners and Finalists’ work.


Utkarsh Dixit (denutkarsh) [Grand Prize Winner]: Among many tasks, Utkarsh rocked Core and contrib issue queues and currently has 3 committed patches to Drupal core. Additionally, denutkarsh created a simple module called Social Image Share, a Social Auth implementer for Twitter, and an initial port for Query Parameters To URL.

Dhanat Satta-awalo (thew) [Grand Prize Winner]: Dhanat contributed a bunch of patches to Drupal core and contrib modules. Furthermore, thew created an implementation of NProgress for Drupal 8 and completed many of the Drupal ladder lessons.

Kifah Meeran (kifah-meeran) [Finalist]: Among his most important contributions, this amazing student completed the 5 day Drupal challenge and contributed many patches to Drupal core as well as to contrib modules.

Neeraj Pandey (neerajpandey) [Finalist]: He created awesome videos and blogposts on a variety of topics such as Installation of Drupal 8 on nginx and Drupal theming from scratch. Neeraj also created a wireframe for Drupal GCI/GSoC Website.

Heervesh Lallbahadur (heervesh) [Finalist]: Heervesh contributed patches to a bunch of contrib modules and completed Drupal Ladder lessons. Heervesh also worked on an initial port for the bot module among other incredible contributions.

We would like to thank to all the mentors who guided the students during their adventures from completely new users to Core contributors. Drupal can only hope we’re invited back to continue mentoring amazing young students in the fascinating GCI program. Thus, we can keep adding new contributors to our great community!